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Science, Innovation & Technology

The Wellness Stand is dedicated to providing consumers with top-quality, innovative, science-based nutritional supplements to enhance their total health and well-being.

Our relentless commitment to providing customers with the finest nutritional supplements as well as information on the latest in scientific research, innovation, and technology in the industry is what makes The Wellness Stand the premier source for health conscious consumers looking to maintain optimal health and wellness.

Our researched, science based formulations and brands are internationally known for delivering the highest quality ingredients with superior absorption benefits.

Brands approved by The Wellness Stand exceed standards required by the supplement industry and are subject to stringent tests under our rigorous quality control system to ensure they have been validated as best in quality, purity, science, safety and efficacy.

The Wellness Stand only selects products using science-based ingredients in innovative, technologically advanced formulations.

We are honored to partner with suppliers whose products are designed, formulated, and reviewed by a multidisciplinary group of researchers, health professionals and medical leaders that support The Wellness Stands’ commitment and dedication to consumer education and research.

This in turn insures the important nutritional supplement choices we offer are the safest and most effective supplements available making any product you select the optimal choice.

A key supplier is SourceOne Global Partners; a leading provider of health and wellness solutions, created through scientific research and innovative product development. SourceOne focuses on clinically proven formulations, combined with technologically-advanced and patented delivery systems.

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Unique and distinctive scientific innovation and technology is supported by patent protection for the novel products utilizing these advanced formuations.

Standard supplement companies claiming “the newest and best product” need two key pieces of evidence to back up and make this a legitimate claim:

  1. They must have one or more patents. When something is patented it means that it is novel, i.e. never before achieved, so the reward for the scientific discovery is a patent.

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    You can trust that if the product or technology is patented … indeed there is no other product like it and this fact actually makes you believe in the level of effectiveness of the product which can’t be achieved by other companies. Also, other companies can’t duplicate the technology or they would be violating the patent.

  2. It has to be scientifically proven. To be awarded the special protection and recognition that comes with a patent, the scientific discovery has to have scientific evidence proving that the invention has never existed before and that the new discovery is more effective than its standard counterparts.

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    The scientific researcher or doctor that discovers the innovation has to provide a study that shows “I took standard CoQ10 and compared it to my formulation and proved there was more in the blood.” Knowing this particular point makes you feel secure about our product and your health as well.

    Every day when trying to make the best choice in a supplement we are confused by claims “formulated for improved absorption” or “more biologically available product.” If it were truly a scientific breakthrough the scientist or researcher would almost always patent their discovery. Knowing that your product has a patent (or more than one patent) gives you confidence that you made the right decision to choose The Wellness Stand.

    That is why claims of “patented protected formula” and “clinically proven” are valuable and meaningful things to look for when making the best choice in natural supplements that can truly deliver on the promise of optimal nutrition and health. Knowing the reality that your product is patented ensures that you can trust the source and feel secure when using our product.

Cholesstrinol HP™… a patented combination of Citrus Polymethoxylated Flavones ( PMF-Source®) limonoids, and advanced tocotrienols ( TocoSource®) protected by US patents #6,251,400, #6,239,114 and #6,987,125.

Cholesstrinol™ is a synergistic patent protected formula that combines PMF-Source® citrus flavonoids with TocoSource® palm tocotrienols.

NEW ADVANCED …Cholesstrinol™ HPe (high potency) is a clinically proven proprietary combination of PMF-source® Citrus Flavones, TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols and ErioSource™ Eriocitrin.

Cholesstrinol HPe™…More than ever, consumers demand clinically proven, safe, and effective products that support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels while helping to control inflammatory responses naturally.

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What is Cholesstrinol HP™ and Cholesstrinol HPe?

  • Cholesstrinol HP ™ and Cholesstrinol HPe are synergistic patent protected formulas that combines PMF-Source® citrus flavonoids with TocoSource® palm tocotrienols.
  • An award winning platform of proprietary heart healthy formulas that tells a powerful brand story.
  • It pulls together the detailed scientific data in an easy-to-understand package for the consumer reducing, if not eliminating, the need for laborious guesswork or research on their part.
  • Branding these combinations under the name – Cholesstrinol HP ™ and Cholesstrinol HPe – is designed to leverage their scientific basis.

    Patented Products delivering unequaled Heart Health Benefits

    • Higher potencies and broader flavonoid profiles that deliver optimal heart-health benefits.
    • Patent-pending red yeast rice formulation that target statin intolerant patients.
    • Advanced delivery systems to improve absorption and bioavailability, while broadening potential applications.
    • Customized, condition-specific formulations.
    • Patent-pending lemon bioflavonoid formulations that increase phyto-nutrient concentration.
    • Smaller, easier to swallow capsules.

Cholesstrinol™ Formulas:
Important Features Original Citrus PMF & Tocotrienol Formula Cholesstrinol™ HPe Significant Advantages
Patent Protection U.S. Patent 6,239,114;
U.S. Patent 6,251,400;
U.S. Patent 6,987,125
U.S. Patent 6,239,114;
U.S. Patent 6,251,400;
U.S. Patent 6,987,125;
U.S Patent 8,158,134;
U.S Serial No. 61559,174
Broader & deeper patent protection
Supports total Healthy LDL & Cholesterol Yes Yes  
Supports Healthy C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Levels No Studies Yes Improved 57%
Dosage 2 Capsules Per Day 1 Capsule Per Day  
PMF-Source® Citrus Flavones 30% 65% 116%
PMF Nobiletin Standardized 12.4% 34% 174% concentration
PMF Tangeretin Standardized 14.2% 30% 111% higher concentration
Tocotrienol/ Tocopherol Coplex 3.0% 7.0% 133% concentration
Eriocitrin None Standardized 5% 500% higher concentration

“VESIsorb® enables us to meet the growing consumer demand for enhanced bioavailability of unique science-based ingredients and proprietary formulas by taking their absorption and efficacy to the next level.”

Leveraging innovative technologies like VESIsorb® allows us to offer the most effective products in advanced delivery systems that deliver maximum health benefits.

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Scientifically validated ingredients, doctor recommended formulas, and clinically proven products.

Many of the proprietary formulations and products offered on The Wellness Stand utilize patented VESIsorb® technology to assist in the absorption process and enhance the extent of dissolution. Developed by Vesifact, Baar, Switzerland, VESIsorb® is protected worldwide by multiple U.S. and international granted and pending patents.

VESIsorb® Mimics the body’s natural digestion process:

We use “natural” in describing the VESIsorb® technology because it mimics the natural physiological process of the human body. That is also why we describe the VESIsorb® formulations as “Body Ready”.

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The VESIsorb® technology mimics the human fat digestion and absorption process. It is known by scientists and doctors that poor water soluble drugs, e.g. fat soluble vitamins, are better absorbed when taken after a meal containing fat. One of the reasons for the improved absorption is the enhanced drug solubilization by bile salt mixed micelles which are formed from the digestion products of dietary triglycerides (monoglyceride and fatty acids) and bile – A nanotechnology tool developed by Mother Nature. The task of naturally formed bile salt-mixed micelles, having a size below 10 nanometers, is to transport the lipophilic molecules through the aqueous environment of the GI-tract and across the unstirred water layer to the absorptive epithelium. Individual lipid molecules, and not the micelles per se, are the species that enter the absorptive membrane.

The precise manner by which lipophilic molecules cross the membrane of the enterocytes is uncertain. Until recently it was generally thought that lipids simply diffuse, individually as monomers through the lipid bilayer of the membrane into the cell. Now there is evidence that dietary fatty acids may be transported across the enterocyte membrane by a specific transporter. Once inside the enterocyte, dietary fatty acids and monoglycerides diffuse to the smooth endoplasmic reticulum, where they are resynthesized into triglycerides. Finally, the resynthesized triglycerides packaged into chylomicrons which are secreted into lymph.

It is very important to understand that nano-size micelles are produced naturally in our bodies each and every day.

VESIsorb® optimal absorption and increased bioavailability is a 3 step process:

Body Ready

The naturally occurring mixed micellular transport system of the human body for fat absorption is the model that mirrors the VESIsorb natural self-assembling colloidal droplet delivery system. Ingredients that use the VESIsorb system are body ready or pre-digested for increased absorption by the body.

The improvement in absorption and bioavailability that the patented VESIsorb innovative delivery system technology is broken down into three steps:

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The VESIsorb® Colloidal Droplet Delivery System and its advantages over other delivery vehicles…

Others make claims without proof or any explanation of ” how it works.” Missouri got it right with their challenge “SHOW ME”

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Comparison between Non-VESIsorb vs. VESIsorb Formula:
Brain Pro Sport 3.0®
without VESIsorb®
Brain Pro Sport 3.0®
with VESIsorb®
Oil drops sitting on the water Colloidal droplet formation
Formula does not go into solution 100% in solution
Separation of ingredients Completely homogenous colloidal solution
for optimal absorption!

The difference between micelles, liposomes and the VESIsorb® naturally self-assembling colloidal droplet system is not easily understood. We are happy to explain.

VESIsorb® vs. Micelles

Micelles are composed of a surfactant or surfactant mixture and the active substance to be solubilized within the center of the micelle. A micelle is like an aggregate of surfactant molecules dispersed in a liquid solution. A surfactant molecule has a hydrophilic part – called “head” – and a hydrophobic part – called “tail”. A typical micelle in an aqueous solution forms an aggregate with the hydrophilic “head” regions in contact with surrounding water (solvent), sequestering the hydrophobic tail regions in the micelle center. In this “hydrophobic tail center,” the active substance is dissolved. A “classical” micelle system does not contain oil and is a surfactant-rich system. Like micelles, VESIsorb® is an aqueous dispersion. However, the dispersed phase is composed of both surfactant AND oil and belongs, therefore, to the systemic group of micro-emulsions. The dispersed phase of VESIsorb® can be envisioned as nano-droplets composed of an oily core (oil components/active ingredients) surrounded by a hydrophilic shell (emulsifiers). Compared to a micellar system, the VESIsorb® contains higher amounts of oil (lipophilic core/center where the active substance like coenzyme Q10 is dissolved).

VESIsorb® vs. Liposomes

Liposomes are vesicles and composed of a phospholipid bi-layer membrane surrounding an aqueous core. Fat-soluble active substances can only be solubilized within the bi-layer membrane, thus the loading capacity is limited and lower compared to VESIsorb®. This is why other capsules are much larger in size with less of the important active like coenzyme Q10.

Micelles vs. Liposome vs. Colloidal Delivery System:

Hydrophilic surfactant head
Hydrophobic surfactant tail

The scientific evidence is compelling!

Pharmacokinetic studies support the improved absorption and bioavailabilty provided by the patented VESIsorb delivery system.

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The peer-reviewed journal, “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,” recently published the results of a double-blind study comparing the bioavailability of patented CoQsource® (coenzyme Q10 in a VESIsorb® formulation) Bio-Enhanced CoQ10 to that of other bio-enhanced formulations. The study, entitled, “Relative Bioavailability Comparison of Different Coenzyme Q10 Formulations with a Novel Delivery System,” appears in the March/April, 2009 issue, Volume 15, Number 2. The graph below provides a vivid illustration of the difference in CoQsource® (the orange line) which is coenzyme Q10 in the VESIsorb® delivery system versus the three other “bio-enhanced” coenzyme Q10 products in plasma concentration levels over time.

Pharmacokinetic Profile:

CoQsource® (coenzyme Q10 in the VESIsorb® delivery system) not only has higher plasma concentration levels after one hour, but continues to increase dramatically before reaching Cmax at about 4 hours. The plasma concentration of CoQsource® remains well above levels for the 3 other treatments throughout the 24 hour period. VESIsorb® patented formulations with many other natural bio-actives have been successfully developed with scientifically validated ingredients including CoQ10 in both the Ubiquinone and KanekaQH™ Ubiquinol forms, Omega-3 EPA/DHA, Vitamin D-3, Resveratrol, Palm Tocotrienols, Gamma Tocopherols, Citrus Polymethoxylated Flavones (PMFs), and more.

Kaneka QH™ Ubiquinol:

A pharmacokinetic pilot study in humans comparing Kaneka QH™ Ubiquinol to the same Kaneka QH™ Ubiquinol in the VESIsorb® delivery system demonstrated an increase of 696% in peak blood levels of Ubiquinol. The relative bioavailability calculated using the area under the curve was also increased by 485%.

Omega Choice® concentrated Co2 critical extraction EPA:

A pharmacokinetic pilot study in humans comparing OmegaChoice® 90 Concentrated Omega-3 EPA to the same OmegaChoice® 90 in the VESIsorb® delivery system demonstrated an increase of 567% in peak blood levels of EPA. The relative bioavailability calculated using the area under the curve was also increased by 487%.

VESIsorb is green technology…

The VESIsorb technology has a green impact on the environment. By increasing bioactive absorption, like CoQ10, this in turn reduces the number of soft gels needed per day to achieve blood plasma levels for optimum health and wellness. The efficient use of resources results in fewer bottles, less packaging waste and reduced transportation needs. Less is more.